Daniel Edwards


Full time work in the fitness industry since 2002.


Favourite Quote:

My motto in life and sport is “the price of greatness is responsibility”.

Dan’s story:

My name is Daniel and I’ve been working in the Fitness industry since 2002. I love working as a Personal Trainer for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I love to help people reach their fitness goals, which ultimately gives them a better quality of life.

My favourite thing in life is spending quality time with my family - my wife Nicky, my son Jaxon and step kids Steph, Taylor and Steven. I spend my weekends away in our caravan, watching movies, playing sport or just relaxing together at home. My hobbies include playing football for the Eley park Sharks, watching my beloved Hawks in the AFL and Melbourne Storm in the NRL and I also enjoy running, boxing and weight training…....

I am really passionate about having, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting my clients as they move one step closer to reaching their ultimate goal.