B.R.I.G.H.T spark!

By Meeghan, 29 October, 2011

With the end of 2011 bearing down on me, and often feeling as a business owner there is never enough hours in the day, I decided to reflect on my current approach to life and thought I’d share with you my thoughts. The idea for this article came simply from perhaps looking a little on the negative side of things and realising very quickly that this is a conscious choice. Wondering if indeed the glass is half full or half empty, I decided to get to work on answering this question for myself, sparking a more positive approach and giving my thoughts a spring clean.

B - Belief in what you do

To begin with I had to ask myself is what I’m doing with my life something I believe in? The answer luckily for me was a resounding YES. As a business owner I may not always be able to easily switch off, but the challenges I face give me a great opportunity to learn and grow. If you’re not happy or challenged by your work you need to find a way to change it.

R - Repetition

Daily hard work might not be very glamorous but if you want results you’re going to have to put in some consistent effort. Australian athletes Sam Stosur, Cadel Evans and Sally Pearson have had some fantastic sporting results this year but this has all come about because of repetitious training. View the repetition as an opportunity to refine and improve your performance.

I - Intensity

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Training is simply a stress that is placed on the body. When the body is stressed it needs to adapt. Our muscles get stronger, our lung capacity improves. And abracadabra our body shape starts to change! Nothing worth having ever comes easy.

G - Grace

When my first response to poor performance is frustration or anger, I have to remind myself this is counter productive. Having the grace to adjust and refine movement on these days is a skill worth developing. We all have bad days and we all make mistakes, try and learn something during these times rather than beating yourself up.

H - Honesty

Taking some personal responsibility for where you’re at in life is a very worthwhile exercise. Put all the bullshit excuses to one side and ask yourself am I doing enough? If the answer is yes, well done. If the answer is no, then it’s time to pull up your socks. I’ve never promised easy outcomes - if you want results you need to be;

  1. Strength training 2 x week
  2. Cardiovascular training 3 - 5 x week
  3. Eating a balanced healthy diet

T -Tenacity

When progress in life or training isn’t as swift as you’d like it might help to remember that most people don’t succeed in life because they don’t finish what they start! Think of your health and fitness journey rather more like a marathon than a sprint and you may delight yourself in achieving everything you’ve ever wanted if you’re prepared to chip away and be patient.

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