Boost your muscles with milk

By Meeghan, 15 November, 2010

When it comes to working out there’s a lot of conflicting information out there.

There is however one thing we can all agree on, adding a small amount of muscle mass has many advantages to your health. Resistance training will improve your strength and bone health and your metabolic health because unlike fat, muscle will burn kilojoules every moment of the day - which will assist in keeping you toned and at a healthy weight.

Choice Health Reader recently published the results of a study which looked at women who were lifting weights and compared those who consumed milk or sugar based drinks post workout.

The results suggest the women who ditched the expensive sugar based sports drinks in favour of a 500ml glass of fat free milk one hour after a structured work out gained more lean muscle, had greater strength gains and had a greater reduction of body fat than those who drank the sugar based drink post workout.

All of the women in this study were at the gym five days a week for 12 weeks, and they all gained muscle and strength as you would expect but for the women drinking the milk, the results were better.

So girls ditch the sugar based sports drinks (unless you are involved in endurance events) and drink enjoy a cold glass of milk post work out.

And if you’re a male, then previous research suggests drinking flavoured milk directly after a workout helps with muscle gain.

*The above is sourced from the study, Body composition and strength changes in women with milk and resistance exercise, Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise 2010; 42:1122-1130.

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