Healthy fast food?

By Meeghan, 14 October, 2008

Australians are eating out more than ever and with this in mind we need to be making smarter food choices.

When choosing pizza, opt for the thin and crispy bases and steer clear of processed meats high in saturated fat like salami. Healthier meat choices are lean chicken or roast beef.

Going out to a Chinese restaurant? Order stir fry dishes with lean meat and vegetables and ask the waiter to go easy on the oil. Don’t order any deep-fried food.

What about Thai? Try the steamed fish and satay dishes but avoid fatty coconut milk curries. Eating out is no excuse for falling off the wagon.

If you venture into a burger establishment, your best options would be a grilled chicken burger without cheese or a lean beef burger packed with salad. The whopper and quarter pounder are your enemy, as they are laden with excessive kilojoules, sodium and sugar.

Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter questions and educate yourself on how food is prepared. It will vary greatly from place to place. Why not try the vegetarian options? And ask if you can make substitutions; grilled vegetables instead of fries and mustard instead of mayo. And whatever you do watch your portion size! It may sound better value but upsizing to super size meals will blow out your kilojoule budget!

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