Set Your Compass

By Meeghan, 21 September, 2012

Recently I was very fortunate to receive an invitation to attend a weekend retreat, called Set Your Compass at the Gawler Foundation set in the beautiful surrounds of the Yarra Valley. Presented as a weekend in which to review life and values, identify and plan for new directions for the next 12 months and explore personal meaning and purpose in life - how could I resist?

I attended the retreat in early August and from Friday morning through to Sunday afternoon was engaged in meditation practice, individual and small group work which consisted of discussion and writing exercises, nature walks and delicious vegetarian meals. I was also very lucky to see the very inspiring film, Finding Joe. This weekend program gave me an opportunity to take time out from the daily pressures of life and business and develop skills to be more peaceful and to ensure I am going in the direction I want to go in. It was a profound weekend for me, which delivered on every promise.

As a personal training business owner I am very focused on the physical aspects of health but I also keenly acknowledge and accept that true happiness and health can only be achieved when our social, spiritual, mental and emotional needs are met too. I’m no angel and like you, I often get conflicted with balancing my life positively. This retreat really was a great way to spring clean my body, mind and soul, after a busy and stressful time since the studio move. If you’d like to try a retreat and focus in more on your spiritual or mental health, the Gawler Foundation is highly recommended.

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