The best fitness gadgets just in time for Christmas

By Meeghan, 6 November, 2012

Here’s my list of useful and motivating fitness gadgets. Of course you don’t need any of these items to exercise well but in an effort to maximise motivation you might just find something that suits your budget, your lifestyle and your health and fitness goals.

  1. Good Trainers It’s a no brainer. The ankle bone works as the main shock absorber of the body and is responsible for carrying our weight and providing ongoing support and stability. If you don’t spend a cent on anything else get yourself a great pair of shoes. Helpful Tip - Contact and have your footwear assessment done by Melbourne’s leading sports podiatrists.
  2. Ipod The alarm is beeping and it’s 6.15am. You’ve got a choice, roll over and go back to sleep (not a choice we’d recommend) or grab your ipod and head out the door. Download motivating apps, music and podcasts from iTunes which can make exercise more fun. Helpful Tip - Never work out alone. Search iTunes for words like motivation and keep entertained while you sweat it out.
  3. The Gymboss You can’t take your personal trainer everywhere with you but your gymboss is the next best thing. Small and easy to use it is a versatile timer that can repeat intervals and is an excellent walking or running gadget. I’ve used it in the studio a lot recently and it really is a bossy gadget that keeps you focused. Helpful Tip - If you are a runner who wants to improve then visit this site.
  4. Heart rate Monitor An excellent tool and particularly effective for giving feedback on the intensity of workouts. Heart rate monitors measure your heart’s beats per minute (BPM) and give you instant training feedback. Helpful Tip - Research heart rate monitors by visiting the website
  5. Wristpocket Exercise with confidence. Wristpockets allow you to secure your keys and cash in a lightweight and comfortable sweatband. They are machine washable and great when you want the freedom to move without bulky bags. Helpful Tip - Checkout Fly Active’s range of wristpockets.
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