The humble baked bean

By Meeghan, 28 May, 2011

Apart from the flatulence they are known on occasion to cause, there are many good reasons to indulge in a serve of baked beans.

A variety of legumes - a 75 gram serve of baked beans can be counted as a full serve of vegetables. So if you’re time poor, baked beans are a handy ‘vegetable snack’. And they are a good source of iron (for growth and a strong immune system), protein (for muscle growth and repair) and dietary fibre (for a healthy digestive system).

Baked beans can also assist with weight management as they are low in energy (kilojoules), total fat and saturated fat. And, they are also low GI and are a super choice for diabetics. And, baked beans also contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps to protect the body against damage caused by free radicals.

Now before we get too warm and fuzzy for the baked bean, you need to choose a ‘no added salt’ variety because most commercial baked beans contain whopping great amounts of sodium which isn’t good. Choosing a ‘no added salt’ variety, will reduce sodium by up to 98%.

I guess the key is to try your own. You can try this homemade baked bean recipe from Taste and just omit the bacon if you’re a vegetarian.

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