The resolution merry-go-round

By Meeghan, 30 January, 2013

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. ”Michael Altshuler, Speaker & Trainer

The question I’m asking myself is do new years resolutions actually work? Because if you think about it, a new years resolution (the firm determination of resolving to do something) is actually quite often a re-solution to an old ongoing problem that never gets solved from one year to the next. Maybe it’s the way we think of resolutions in the first place that’s actually the problem. We talk boldly and use language like…

  • I’ll get fit
  • I’ll lose weight
  • I’ll quit smoking
  • I’ll quit drinking

    ...and that’s pretty much where it ends. For news years resolutions to be successful, and if we use the analogy of a pilot, as referenced in the earlier quote we need more than just a resolution.

    A pilot will need;

    1. a medical check
    2. hours and hours of flight practice
    3. a clear achievable destination with specific take off and landing times
    4. a support crew from within the plane and on the ground
    5. a checklist before the plane even leaves the ground
    6. a specific plan/ map of how to get to the destination
    7. and in the case of an emergency, even more checklists or a plan b

    A new years resolution can be a terrific way to start the change but specific attention must be paid to the smaller steps that are essential to help you achieve your goal. And you must plan for the inevitable distractions that will impede your progress. So here are my tips for health success in 2013;

    1. Visit your doctor or allied health professional for a full medical check
    2. Start to ‘fit in fitness’ to your busy life. Make it a priority and book it in your diary and then just do it!
    3. Ask yourself is my resolution achievable within the time frame I’ve set?
    4. Do I have a supportive partner, friends or workmates who will train with me or at least support me in my resolution?
    5. What checklists do I need to attend to before I even start? Are my runners suitable for the style of training I want to do?
    6. Refer to the ACSM activity guidelines or advice from your personal trainer about how often you should train to achieve your resolution
    7. And finally, like all successful people will tell you there will be good days and bad days amongst the journey - so what is your plan b when things get bumpy?

    If you would like to speak to our trainers about achieving your personal resolutions please call or email the Forever Strong Fitness studio.

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