When life gives you lemons…

By Meeghan, 26 November, 2014

Lemons are said to have originated in India. By 2000 BC they were taken to China and are now grown all over the world. The citrus fruit is available all year round, nutritional benefits are numerous and range from aiding digestion and helping dissolve kidney stones, through to assisting in the prevention of lung and oral cavity cancers.

The 3 main varieties of lemon available in Australia are the Eureka, the Lisbon, and the Meyer. They go really well with many foods such as avocados, broccoli, chicken, coriander, seafood, honey, lamb, noodles, pasta, rice and tea.

You may be surprised to know that the humble lemon is not only a tasty accompaniment to fish, but also a fantastic cleaning agent. Try out these ideas for a natural, budget-friendly and effective clean. I’ve already tried the kettle clean and it worked a treat!

Clean up household grease naturally
Mix up a hardy solution of lemon juice and water, and get ready for your stove and counter tops to be shining like new. It’s amazing! Pour ¼ cup lemon juice into a spray bottle, then fill it up with water (and white vinegar if you want something extra strong). Shake it a few times to mix the solution, then use it to remove stubborn grease and stains.

Disinfect your kitchen cutting board
Is your cutting board really clean? It will be if you spray it lightly with pure lemon juice, then rinse it well. Allow the cutting board to dry thoroughly before you put it away, the bacteria (as well as any odours) should now be gone.

Clean your kettle
Your kettle can get some pretty thick build up, and no one wants that as a side in their afternoon cuppa! To clean the residue out from the inside of your kettle simply cut up a few lemons, throw them in and flick the kettle switch to boil. Leave them overnight and put fresh water in the next morning. Voila, clean kettle.

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