Where there’s a will there’s a way

By Meeghan, 25 June, 2013

If I told you summer is just around the corner you’d laugh at me. But with the speed at which 2013 is passing, I’m not kidding. Winter is without doubt the most difficult season to keep my clients and me on track. But with a little planning you and I will come out on the other side of winter in great shape and ready to enjoy summer like never before. Even the most motivated of us - you, me and Oprah Winfrey - can find ourselves in a slump, when even getting off our butt seems difficult. Here are a few tips which might be useful to kick start your winter training.

Step 1 – In which direction am I heading?

Ask yourself this question. If I continue to do exactly what I’m doing then what will my body, my mind and confidence be like in 3, 6 or even 12 months? It’s good to acknowledge the pain of for example, no longer being able to fit into our favourite jeans because this can then be a very powerful reminder that what we do now will have a big impact on how we look and feel in the future. It’s also good to remember we are all in charge of own body and everything we do is our own choice.

Step 2 – Find inspiration and get excited.

I’ve noticed every time I hear blurred lines on the radio my toes start tapping. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you can find inspiration in the simplest of ideas. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part so when I don’t feel like doing anything I put this track on and I start moving. You might choose a motivating quote which you read every day, or a photo that inspires you. You might be getting married or celebrating a milestone birthday. It doesn’t matter, use this as inspiration and get excited about it!

Step 3 – Make a plan and keep it simple

Doing cardiovascular training on your own can be a real drag especially in winter. In the past I’ve used the running program 5k101, which is an 8 week running podcast, done 3 x per week which keeps me focused but with my knee injury, running just won’t cut it. Then I had a light bulb moment, why not use the running podcast but do it on my spin bike in the warmth and comfort of my very own home? Genius? Not really but it just took some thought and a simple plan to keep me on track in winter. And if you don’t own any cardio equipment why not hire a spin bike, just for the winter months?

Step 4 – Get the support of your friends and family and ask them to join you!

I’m doing Dry July this year and I’m asking you to join me. It’s for a good cause and if you ask your partner to do it with you, you’re probably more likely to be successful. As I will be because we’re in it together and we’ve committed publicly. None of us likes to look bad in front of others, so we’ll go the extra mile to do something we’ve told everyone we’re going to do.

Step 5 – Record your progress daily

How many kilometres did you walk today? What food did you eat? It’s another way of tracking your progress and keeping you motivated. You might start your own blog and write about how motivation came and went but how you stuck with it and completed your goal. A blog, a food diary, it’s simply about keeping yourself accountable and motivated.

Step 6 – Remind yourself you’ll always feel better at the end of a workout

Has there ever been a time when you’ve regretted a walk? Not me. Fitness professionals throw around all sorts of goobly gook about why exercise is good for you – but the most important reason is, it feels good! Exercise not only boosts physical health but it improves our mental health. And every little bit helps. So just do it. Alright?

Step 7 – Think about the benefits not the difficulties

Not only think about the benefits, write them down. Here’s an example, a benefit of exercising in winter is the temperature is lower and I don’t need to worry about getting too hot; my body will burn more calories keeping its core body temperature in check and in summer I’ll look and feel amazing. Try not to think about how hard it is to exercise in winter but rather what you can get out of it. With no major celebrations in winter to sabotage your goals it’s a perfect time to get to work on your strength and fitness. For a 1-on-1 goal setting session with our trainers please call the studio on 9806 0566.

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