Feb Fast 2012

By Meeghan, 23 January, 2012

Let the 2012 Feb Fast challenge begin!

Feb Fast is a an alcohol free month that was conceived at a BBQ in 2006. Founded by Fiona Healy, Feb Fast began with the idea of taking a month off the grog for charity. In 2007 Fiona and a friend raised $910 which was donated to a youth support and advocacy service and so a fully fledged charitable trust was born.

I like Feb Fast - they have raised nearly $3 million dollars which has mainly focused on helping young people take control of their lives by overcoming alcohol and drug problems. But for us at Forever Strong Fitness it’s a collective agreement to ban the booze for our health, while raising some money for youth affected by alcohol. Our goal this year is to raise $400.

  1. Feel better
  2. Clear your head and,
  3. Save some cash!

And if you’ve got a special event you just don’t want to miss then you can even buy a time out! No excuses folks!

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