Nutrition and Fat Loss presentation

By Meeghan, 2 July, 2009

Eighteen participants ‘hungry’ for more information on nutrition and fat loss gathered at Forever Strong one Wednesday night in July. Rob Haala our guest speaker, talked about what dietitians do and then expanded on this to cover his top 10 weight loss tips. It was a very enjoyable talk and there were plenty of questions at the end of his presentation.

The feedback from this night was all positive, and for some people it reinforced the idea that sustainable fat loss should be considered in the context of ‘more of a marathon than a sprint’. In fact Rob’s first tip was to have a ‘long term focus’ and to aim for fat loss of a 1/4kg to a 1/2kg per week. The 1/4kg a week being the more realistic target. The question to ask is how realistic are your fat loss goals?

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