Run for the Kids with the Forever Strong Team

By Meeghan, 8 February, 2011

Need some motivation to get up off the couch? Why not join the Forever Strong team and participate in the Run for the Kids fun run which raises money for the Good Friday appeal. There are two course options to choose from: the 14.38km super course and the 5.2km friendly course.

It can be a lot easier to stay motivated if there is a specific goal to chase and training for this fun run has the added benefit of improving cardiovascular fitness and overall well being. Plus you’ll feel pretty good raising money for such a worthwhile cause. While you’re at it, encourage your housemates to start training, too, as the group-training effect will be a benefit to everyone. Talk to your support team early on and discuss your goals.

Your trainer can help you choose which course might be more suitable for you and we encourage you to have a check up with your doctor to ensure you’re healthy and ready to go.You may also need a visit to a running shoe retailer to make sure your feet are correctly fitted in quality trainers.

Over the next ten weeks there will be a series of training articles by Steve Moneghetti aimed at getting you fitter, healthier and adequately prepared to participate in the 2011 Herald Sun/Citylink Run for the Kids event on Sunday, April 17.

You can also follow the Forever Strong team on Facebook. With only 67 days to go, NOW is the time to start training.

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