Group Training


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00am Circuit Mix with Meg 6.00am Fighting Fit with Dan 6.00am Circuit Mix with Meg
9.45am Strength with Meg 9.45am Strength with Meg 9.45am Yoga Fit with Caz
10.45am coming soon 10.45am coming soon
6.45pm Strength with Meg
7.00pm Fighting Fit with Dan
7.30pm Circuit Mix with Meg 7.30pm Yoga Fit with Caz

Class Descriptions:

Circuit Mix, our take on circuit training, with strength and cardiovascular combinations. This class will increase your heart-rate, strengthen muscles and burn fat. A full body workout with weights for those who like the studio environment.

Fighting Fit, a boxing and martial arts inspired circuit, using hand pads and gloves with punch and kick combinations, squats, lunges, push ups and all the usual suspects. This class is a rapid calorie burner that delivers fast improvements in endurance, strength and hand/eye coordination. You must supply your own boxing gloves for hygiene reasons.

Strength, a class that makes day to day life activities easier, helps you reduce body-fat more efficiently and preserves and enhances your muscles and bones, regardless of age. Regular strength training also improves posture and body shape.

Yoga Fit, Hatha Yoga class for beginners or otherwise. A physical practice of 60mins with elements of mental and spiritual exploration.