The benefits of strength training for teenagers are both physical and mental. Younger participants in Forever Strong strength programs improve physiologically; in strength, speed and power development, athletic performance and injury prevention. Training and achieving program goals can also result in psychological benefits such as increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Why strength training?

Progressive strength training can protect teenagers from injuries associated with everyday activities, sport and games. High levels of stress are placed on adolescent bodies when they engage in activities such as netball, football and gymnastics, not to mention climbing trees, falling off bikes and playing with friends. These uncontrolled stresses far exceed the controlled levels of load placed on their bodies while performing a supervised strength-training program. At Forever Strong we emphasise safe technique, ensure that all participants work at their own level, and constantly monitor their progress.

What is strength training?

A series of progressive resistance exercises that work the muscles, bones and joints of the body. This may include use of machine weights, barbells, dumbbells or even your own body weight. The aim is to progressively strengthen muscles and improve joint flexibility.

How often should I lift weights?

For maximum benefit you should lift weights two to three times per week. For more detailed information search The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Position Stand - Resistance Training for Children and Adolescents.