April 2012

Although initially forced into personal training by her daughter Bree, Karin has been training with us since November 2010 and actually seems to now enjoy some aspects of it. Although as I was reading her responses to the client of the month questions below, it does become apparent that she does not like theraband push ups. Who would have guessed? Karin is most impressive because she has continued to make her health a priority even when most of us would have given up. And she may have had good reason to do so. With the recent loss of a significant number of dearly loved family and friends in her life, there have been days when I know Karin simply would have preferred to be at home with a doona over her head. Courageously she shows up and gets on with it and is clearly a poster girl for, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Anyway enough about how great we think Karin is, you can read more about her story below.

What was behind your decision to begin personal training at Forever Strong Fitness, or more to the point who was behind finding you a personal trainer?

Actually, as my trainers will know, it wasn’t me who signed me up (as if) it was my daughter Bree. I’d been a member of a gym for about 6 years – I went regularly – about once a month! Clearly that wasn’t working and Bree looked up Forever Strong and spoke with Meeghan. She convinced me it was worth trying. Why did I start training…well I want to continue diving and you need to be fairly fit to do that plus perhaps one day I’ll have a grandchild I want to run around with, and I wanted to be sure that I was capable of doing that!

When did the journey start for you and what have you been most proud of achieving?

I’ve always been on a journey, just sometimes didn’t know where it was going, and up until joining Forever Strong it wasn’t going anywhere helpful. I’m most proud of my commitment to always refuse the theraband push ups! (Whoever thought that up?) Most proud of achieving – and for some people this will be just ridiculous because they are so good at it – but I was really happy the first time Meeghan said today we are going to run. Happy is perhaps too strong a word…but I was pretty pleased with myself that I managed to do what was asked of me.

You’re a CEO, a mother, partner and daughter with a busy life and many responsibilities… does having a personal training appointment make strength and fitness more achievable?

Absolutely, it’s scheduled into my day and I actually really look forward to it…and I do notice the difference in energy and focus when I workout regularly. It’s an opportunity in the day when I don’t have to think about work. Plus, when I’m boxing with Dan, it’s a great release of pent up energy (read frustration!)

You’ve also been personally affected by the loss of a significant number of close family and friends recently? Can you expand on why you’ve chosen to stick with your training program when it might have been quite easy to give it the flick?

Well, my training is one of the constants, nothing is really expected of me beyond some physical exertion and it lets me focus on other things – like that darn theraband push up thingy you love to try and sell me as a great exercise! Seriously, I can find a million reasons why I shouldn’t come to training, but none of them really outweigh the one reason why I should – and that’s because I enjoy it and I feel better for doing it.

How else do you manage a healthy lifestyle?

I try and lead a healthy lifestyle but occasionally fall off the wagon. I’ve lost around 14kg in the past four months, which actually inspires even greater effort. PS I’m going diving in Exmouth next week as a matter of fact, so you won’t see me for two and a half weeks! (You sound a bit too excited about that - Ed) Meditation is fantastic for calming the spirit, sharpening focus and generally zenning out so I’m trying to cover off all the main things I need to attend to stay healthy and well.

What does the future hold for you? Any mountains you’d still like to climb?

So many things to do. I don’t necessarily aspire to leading a huge multi national but I do aspire to walking the AnnaPurna track in Kathmandu, and diving the Red Sea, but first I’m off to swim with the whale sharks in Exmouth, and then who knows.

And one last thing…

aaah, there is never one last thing! We cannot shrink to greatness, so never underestimate your own capacity be whatever you wish to be. Be bold, be brave, step out and up.