August 2011

Forever Strong’s August client of the month is Tracey Johnston who manages to fit in two personal training sessions every week as well as running a successful business, playing netball and managing two kids and a husband and pet dogs. Tracey was exceptionally modest when she learnt she’d won client of the month and typically played it down by saying, “I probably don’t really deserve it, but thanks anyway”. Well Tracey does deserve it - I’ve often heard Sharron who trains Tracey as well say, “It doesn’t matter what I throw at Tracey she never complains and she works really hard… in every session”. And I’d definatley second that. Not only is Tracey a hardworking, modest individual but she is generous, often sharing her experience, insights and contacts openly. Tracey is most deserving of Client of the Month and is now in the running to win the 2011 Forever Strong client of the year main prize draw which is a $300 massage and acupuncture voucher from Mountaintop Chinese Medicine at 18 Andrew Street, or the consolation prize of movie tickets to enjoy during the Christmas festive season.

How did you first hear about Forever Strong and what interested you about personal training?

My husband (Paul) and my daughter (Madison) decided to start at Forever Strong. They nagged me about coming along with them which I resisted for several months. I have a business in the Western Suburbs which means a hell of a lot of travel, and playing netball twice a week plus my family activities, I felt I had enough on my plate. After a time, I relented and attended a class with Meeghan. Very soon, I was attending classes on my own after Madison and Paul both fell by the wayside….. too busy, too sore, too everything!!

Why is physical fitness important to you?

At first, I kept with the training to help me achieve a level of fitness so I could compete effectively in the Pan Pacific Masters Games in 2009. We won a Gold Medal!

Why do you continue to train at Forever Strong?

I still play netball, a mother and daughter team which is enjoyable and competitive. I find the training - twice a week with Meeghan and Sharron - keeps me at a good level of fitness and I feel better getting through each hectic week. My energy levels are better and my weight is steady. I have lost 8 kilos since I began at Forever Strong (have put some on recently though after a month long holiday….) but generally I feel better now 3 or 4 years on, then I did when I first went to Forever Strong - even though I am older, I am now fitter and stronger.

What can’t you live without that perhaps isn’t 100% conducive to a healthy lifestyle?

I still enjoy going out for dinners and drinking too much red wine probably, but I keep it in perspective and figure, well, I didn’t drink for 20 something years, and now I am making up for it!! (In small business, you have a reason to drink!!)

What are your future goals?

My immediate future goals are to lose the 4 extra kilos I put on during our trip, (working on it!!) and to keep a good level of fitness and strength. I find having a personal trainer keeps me motivated. I always had big plans of getting out on the tennis court and hitting the golf course but never got motivated to organise someone to play with, book the course, book a time etc etc. My half hour each session at Forever Strong is not a massive chunk of my day - I work hard for the half hour and then it is over. I have done the work, and feel better for it, and I am home in time to cook dinner!