Being able to run is just amazing

We are always impressed with the efforts of our clients but Koulla has come to our attention because of her complete dedication to getting fit, strong and lean and her resilient enthusiasm when faced with set backs. Koulla wins movie tickets and is now in the running to win client of the year, a $300 fresh and delicious organic food voucher generously donated by Scott and Sarah from Organic Angels. I’ve been a weekly recipient of their mixed fruit and vegetable box for a long time now and I’m a big fan.

Why was losing weight and improving fitness important to you? And why did you choose personal training?

Losing weight was very important to me as six months after giving birth I was still quite heavy and unfit. I was unable to move as comfortably as I would like and to play with my baby. I would be puffed out with little movement or walking. I needed the motivation and that is why I chose PT. Having Dan there to motivate, provide the correct exercise and challenge me made it so much better in getting results.

What milestones are you most proud of achieving so far?

Since I started PT I have lost 11kgs which is awesome but have still got at least another 5-10kgs to go.

Has personal training been easy for you? What have you found challenging and what have you most enjoyed?

PT has been easy as it’s a commitment and there is someone you need to answer to so being slack is not an option. Running I think has been challenging for me as I was so unfit I couldn’t really run much without being puffed out. Being able to go a whole double block or about 3km’s all running is just amazing. I do enjoy running and hope I can run faster and longer at some stage.

Has nutrition played a bit part in your weight loss? You’re from Greek heritage so do you eat a Mediterranean diet or a mix?

Nutrition has played a big part as I love food and it is a problem. I have trouble controlling food everyday in my life but I do have a mix of diet, Mediterranean being a 3rd of my diet. Being a sweet tooth also doesn’t help.

What are your future training and life aspirations?

I hope I am able to continue training at least twice a week so I can stay fit enough to keep up with my son and have a long healthy life. It would also be good if I can finally fit into my size 12 wardrobe and stop wearing leggings everywhere with huge tops.

And one last thing…

I’ve learned that I can do most things I set my mind to as long as I want it enough, I will work hard to get it. I know that quick diets don’t work and I’ve tried many, they are all quick fixes that don’t last. One needs both a balanced diet and good exercise for a healthy and therefore happy life.