February 2011

Congratulations to Robyn, Gordon and David who are Forever Strong’s February client/s of the month. They are now in the running to win the 2011 client of the year main prize draw which is a $300 massage and acupuncture prize from Mountaintop Chinese Medicine or the consolation prize of movie tickets to enjoy during the Christmas holiday season. The Oliver clan were chosen because they are long term clients of Forever Strong, they participate in weekly personal training and group training but are also seen regularly at events such as the 1000 steps and in-house seminars. And, they are committed exercisers outside of the studio and great fun to train.

How did you find Forever Strong?

We live just around the corner and Robyn is the ring leader who got the ball rolling. The best part of training together as a family is knowing that we are influencing each other to be healthy and it is an amazing feeling spending quality, healthy time together.

What’s the least enjoyable part of training together?

Most definitely David’s constant whingeing, usually about the fans or the air conditioner not being high enough, Gordon’s lame jokes and Robyn’s screams and grunts; perhaps she should have been a tennis player!

Is Sharron a commando in disguise?

We believe that comment. We’ve been doing group training with Sharron on a Saturday morning and she is obsessed with seeing us get results! We wince and grimace while doing squats and lunges but she never lets up. She is fantastic, with great enthusiasm and this does become quite contagious. We work hard but it is a lot of fun, we always manage to laugh and it’s a really great start to the weekend.

The benefits of exercise…

There are times when we don’t feel like going to training but after our workouts we feel absolutely fantastic. It is wonderful to be strong and vibrant. After all, if you don’t use it you lose it!

Your main vices…

We enjoy a glass of wine and chocolate but we also exercise regularly which helps keep things in check. Just getting up the next day and taking our 3 Whippets for a walk gets us back on track. If it weren’t for the regular exercise, guilt would surely enter the equation.

And what about 2011 goals?

Robyn - my strength goal is to do 30 push ups on my toes in 60 seconds and my fitness goal is to jog 5 laps of Federal Reserve without stopping. I’m also doing the Run for the Kids in April. David - my strength goal is to bench press my body weight. Gordon - my goal is to be 18 again. (Ed - yes another lame joke!)