February 2012

Leila has been training at Forever Strong for approximately 8 months. Like most new clients it did take her a little while to find her feet but once she did, there’s been no holding her back. I’ve been most impressed by Leila because she is very positive in nature, cheeky (mocking her trainers is commonplace) and courageous. To give you an example, she recently held a wall squat for so long I think it may have been a world record. As the seconds ticked by I had time to make myself a cup of tea, put my feet up and read the latest edition of NW!

Seriously, Leila is very deserving of Client of the Month, a great girl and a great trainer, the team at Forever Strong Fitness congratulates Leila on her excellent results.

How did you hear about Forever Strong and why did you begin personal training with us?

My very good friend, Jenny Diston, started training at Forever Strong Fitness about 6 months before me. Jenny patiently listened to me tell the same story over again…. how I’d signed up to yet another gym and after a month or two, I’d get bored and achieve nothing! She gave me Meeghan’s phone number… partly because she was fed up with me, and partly because she knew I genuinely needed some help to lose weight and get fit. Jenny, looking fit and toned, was a walking advertisement for the studio, so I took her advice and made the call.

What do you like about PT and why do you whinge all the time?

After 8 months of training, the best thing about going to PT is the feeling that I am doing something really good for me that works. Meeghan thinks I tend to whinge a lot during my training sessions. The thing is….when things start getting easier for me… I stop whinging. But then Meeghan adds more weights or increases the reps until I start whinging again. Then she whinges about me whinging! (I know I’m going to pay for that comment – arghhh!).

What role has your GP played in your pursuit of better health? I believe you saw your GP when you started PT and just recently – can you tell me what results you’ve achieved?

My GP has been telling me for years how important it is to exercise. When I started at Forever Strong, my GP decided to check my blood pressure, measure my lung capacity, weigh me and she took standard blood tests. She also diagnosed that I had exercise-induced asthma and prescribed an inhaler to help me train. I went back to see my GP recently and she did a new health check comparing my results with when I first started training 8 months ago. My recent results showed that my blood pressure is normal (she actually used the word ‘perfect’), my lung capacity went from 94% to 115%, I have lost over 8 kilos, and I no longer have to use the inhaler. The Doc was very pleased with my results and reminded me again that I was never to stop exercising.

What additional physical training do you do to complement personal training?

To complement my two PT sessions per week, I enjoy a mix of walking, some running using the 5K101 Running Mate program and/or bike riding at least twice a week. If I don’t exercise I actually miss it. I also keep a diary of my exercise to help ensure I do enough.

You did Feb Fast and banned the booze for the month of February? How on earth did you manage?

It wasn’t easy but I did it. And it really helped that my friends sponsored me with their money and then didn’t want to catch up till March when I could drink alcohol with them again. I love my friends, so generous and thoughtful.

What difference in your life if any, have you noticed by being fitter, stronger and leaner?

  1. I feel more confident and my self-esteem is higher
  2. I don’t get the back/neck aches I used to suffer
  3. I feel happier – a combination of the endorphins and the sense of achievement
  4. It’s addictive - I cannot see myself ever returning to an unfit state again

Now your son is training with us – it seems as though you’re a positive role model for him?

I am very happy to encourage my son, Lachlan (15), to adopt a healthy fitness regime early on in his life. He trains with Daniel on a weekly basis and really looks forward to the workout.

And one last thing…

The best lesson I’ve learned over the past 8 months is the acceptance of my human vulnerability and that it is important to be kind to yourself along the way because you are going to face stumbling blocks and setbacks. It really helped that Forever Strong’s mantra is based on professionalism, encouragement and nurture of the individual. This is quite a unique and positive approach. Thanks Meeghan. Quote by Mary Pickford: “You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.”