I sleep better and I fit into a smaller dress size!

We are always impressed with the efforts of our clients but Julie has come to our attention because she is the first to acknowledge that committing to consistent training has been a challenge but she’s stuck at it and in the process is much healthier and energetic, has lost 6kg and has almost no back pain.

What impact has personal training had on your life?

I am so much healthier and energetic now that I regularly train. Now that I am stronger I am inspired to exercise outside the studio as well. I walk the dogs, walk on my own machine at home, garden more.

You attend twice weekly training sessions; do you think that is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for? What else do you do outside the studio to keep fit?

Before I commenced training at Forever Strong, I walked about 5000 steps per day in my shop, but it was the only exercise I had. Twice weekly sessions of training ensures a habit and a routine, but I think twice weekly is the minimum. This has enabled me to lose about 6 kilos, but more importantly to stay healthier. I would love to have time to train for a third session and achieve more! Now I also walk my dogs daily for a minimum of 30 minutes in whatever the weather, and on the weekends for more than an hour. Two years ago I wouldn’t have had the stamina or willpower to do that.

Why is it important for you to be strong and fit and what milestones have you achieved?

I have chronic asthma and sinusitis, and was also suffering from lower back pain. Since being at Forever Strong, the back pain has almost disappeared and the amount of drugs I take has reduced markedly. In fact, I worked out recently that what I pay Meeghan for my training over a year is less than what I am saving in physio and prescription bills. As I said to her, I’d rather pay for health than sickness. My all over condition has improved – I sleep better, don’t get puffed walking up our street, and I fit into a smaller dress size (aiming for an even smaller size).

Has committing to personal training been easy for you? What have you found challenging about training?

Committing to training has been very difficult, I’d rather stay in bed on Thursday mornings! However, it gets easier as I go along, but I find I HAVE to train regularly. As soon as I have a week off for holidays or sickness, then it’s harder to go back. Daniel has been inspirational and patient in helping me to progress in levels of cardio and strength training.

How closely do you keep an eye on your nutrition? You’ve got a family to feed so what tricks do you use to prepare healthy meals?

I do watch what I eat, but my weakness is carbs, especially bread. A term of group training last year when I started a food diary really helped me to see my bad habits as well as my good. I don’t have any tricks about healthy food for the family, what I do is traditional. A week of planned menus, with pre-cooked healthy options if it’s going to be a particularly busy week. For example, on a Sunday I might cook a large veggie lasagne, a beef casserole and a huge pot of minestrone. Any of these can be frozen in portions and used as needed. This planning means we aren’t as likely to be tempted by takeaway! I am also known for my huge bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen bench…there is always a variety of seasonal fruit.

What are your future training aspirations?

Easiest question – I need to lose another 5 kg minimum (on medical advice), and I would love to be able to run regularly and a reasonable distance. Two years ago, I couldn’t walk further than 20 minutes without using my asthma spray, and I couldn’t jog at all. Now I can walk for as long as I like, and I can run for 10 minutes without a break.

And one last thing…

I need a program that constantly changes so I’m not bored. That’s why attending a group session as well as one individual session p.w. also helps with the variety.