I wanted to feel better.

I decided to start Personal Training when I realised I was the only person in my family not making the time to be fit. The studio is close to home and I find having booked in sessions keeps me disciplined. My initial goal was to find more energy as I work full time and have a family and was just finding myself really tired all the time.

What milestones are you most proud of achieving so far?

Learning to run…so far my longest is about 7kms but that’s pretty good for me. I couldn’t run 1km when I started. Last year I lost over 10kg by watching what I was eating properly and exercising regularly. Hardly rocket science but it’s easy not to do it.

Why does personal training work for you? And do you do any extra training outside of the studio that helps you stay motivated?

Because it is scheduled I just do it, no excuses. The variety of what I do means I have a proper workout and use the range of equipment that I didn’t know how to use before or have the confidence to try. Dan has taught me to run which I never thought I could do on a flat path much less that High Street Rd hill but even I can do it. I have started to run in between on my own and even sometimes with my husband which I could never do before.

How important is nutrition in your everyday life?

Sadly as you get older you realise how important it is. I can’t get away with what I once did and I don’t have the energy I need if I am not eating properly. Last year I started a food diary on line which really helped me lose the extra kilos I wanted to. Post Christmas it is time to go back to it. It’s amazing how you think twice if you need to write down what you eat. For me the main thing as that I was doing this for me. I wanted to feel better and not be feeling bloated and sluggish because I was eating the wrong things.

What are your future training and life aspirations?

I still have a little more weight to lose. I want to run consistently this year and start to do some organised runs.. no marathons or anything but just enough to keep stretching myself. If I could get to 10kms I’d be really happy.

And one last thing…

You can always make time to exercise…the kids won’t go hungry (well not often), the house won’t fall down and your job will still waiting for you tomorrow. You just have to decide it is a priority.