“If you think you can’t you won’t. If you think you can you will!”

Rosemarie has dedicated herself to twice weekly training sessions (except when holidaying in the south of France!) for many years. But before she even started personal training, she had on her own lost an amazing 30+ kilograms. Rosemarie is a trooper, dedicated and tough and she throughly deserves the recognition for her tremendous work ethic all these years. Rosemarie wins movie tickets for her excellent efforts and is also in the running to win the $300 day spa package from Endota Day Spa Forest Hill.

You’ve been training at Forever Strong Fitness since the doors opened in 2008, why does personal training work for you?

I’m a glutton for punishment! Not really, but it gives me an opportunity to refocus. The commitment to sessions means I don’t wonder too far from my goals and provide a wonderful opportunity to drive Meeghan up the wall!

You attend twice weekly training sessions - what else do you do outside the studio to keep fit?

I do a 30 minute walk at least four times per week.

Tell us your story about your health and fitness challenges? Why did you start training and how did you lose 30kg on your own?

Yes and I wont lie and say it has been easy, but challenges never are and I am proud of what I have achieved. It was my grandson’s comment that I had a “big bum” that was the last straw. After all, four year olds are nothing if not honest. Off to Weight Watchers and once I was able to exercise, long walks gave way to my sessions with Meeghan. These have been efficient and motivating. I can now bend down and pick things up without a pair of tongs.

Has personal training been easy for you?

Not always. But I am having fun now as I become more capable and technically familiar with a huge range of exercises. Why I can even do ball sit ups now! What have you found challenging about training? Certain exercises have been difficult but Meeghan has persisted and I have improved. Another challenge has been not to allow LIFE get in the way of my own personal well being and this has been very, very difficult at times. Meeghan has been tremendously supportive through these challenges which mean I have stayed the course. Had I been going to a gym where no one really cared I would have given up many times on the journey. What is most annoying about your personal trainer? “Stop talking and breath.”

What gets in the way of a healthy life?

I have already mentioned life throws down many difficulties and staying healthy enables you to deal with these. However, sometimes it would be so easy to have a bag of chips but then what? Does nutrition come easy to you know or do you still have to work at it? No it is not easy. You need to continually reassess and set goals. However, I have broken many bad eating habits now I don’t think I would go back to poor eating habits.

What are your future strength and fitness goals?

I am still struggling to stay at the goal weight nominated by WW. I would like to get back there and stay within the 2 kg’s. I will continue to get stronger – after all now I don’t need anyone to help move the furniture at home, which means I can keep altering my room layouts without help!

And one last thing…

If you think you can’t – you won’t. If you think you can you will! I would never have imagined I could do ab braces but I can and do! Forever Strong’s client of the month is generously sponsored by Endota Day Spa Forest Hill. Call Tara on 9877 1556 and book a 1 hr mani or pedi and receive free nail paint and nail file valued at $25.