January 2012

Sue has been a client of Forever Strong’s since May 2011. She is greatly admired by all the trainers at Forever Strong because she is committed to her training, works hard in every session and is a really great person to spend time with. As you read below you’ll hear from Sue about what benefits she has achieved from her regular training. Her main achievement being a reduction in her blood pressure but Sue’s clothing is now fitting better and her body shape is changing. While Sue acknowledges she still has some work to do, the choice of January Client of the Month was unanimously supported by all of our trainers, and we are very confident Sue will make even more inroads in 2012. We congratulate Sue, Forever Strong’s client of the month who is now in the running to win the 2012 Forever Strong Client of the Year award, a main draw prize of $300 worth of massage and body treatments from Endota Day Spa in Forest Hill, or the consolation prize of movie tickets to enjoy during the holiday season.

What were your main goals when you started personal training at Forever Strong Fitness and what are you most proud of achieving?

I wanted to make a commitment to a training program and stick to it, despite & because of my busy work life. My weight was trending up and just watching what I ate was no longer enough to lose weight. I wanted to ensure I didn’t get heavier because I believed I would find every kilo even harder to lose because my metabolism was slowing down. I am most proud that my blood pressure has dropped significantly, particularly as prior to starting training it was trending up.

Have you always been an active person who found exercise easy or have you had to work hard to get yourself in great shape?

I was very active in my youth and into my twenties but work took over and I never made enough time and didn’t keep any regular exercise routine. I prioritized everything else in my life. It has been hard at times but I have seen steady improvement and the trainers help keep me motivated. If I just went to a gym without a personal trainer I’m sure I wouldn’t have stuck to a program.

When do you train at Forever Strong and what homework do you do outside of the studio?

I train three times a week, currently two mornings mid week at 6.30am and Saturday at 9am. I walk the dog (more often and further as my fitness improves) and walk with friends on the weekend.

Speaking of homework, you’re a busy principal juggling many responsibilities, have you noticed any other unexpected benefits of being fitter and healthier that has made a difference in your life?

I am an over 50 year old woman and suffered from hot flushes and poor sleep etc. This has improved. I have more energy to keep up with my busy life style. I had a sore shoulder and limited movement and a physio had diagnosed arthritis in the AC joint. Since training the soreness has gone!

How do you manage a healthy lifestyle? Do you have any nutrition or exercise tips you can share?

Not really other than make a commitment to yourself to train/exercise and don’t be tempted to make excuses. If you do it once it will be easy to do it again. Make the routine and stick to it.

What does the future hold for you? Any mountains you’d still like to climb?

Still need to lose weight and can still improve diet. I will keep training three times a week.

And one last thing…

The young person that enjoyed sports and exercising is still in me and can still enjoy it. For me being accountable to a trainer (they depend on me turning up to make a living) means I will turn up even when I don’t really want to sometimes! I would have said I’m not a morning person but I can get up and train before work and feel good about it.