July 2012

Sharyn Newman is Forever Strong’s July Client of the Month. Sharyn won this recognition because she is extremely dedicated to her twice weekly training regime and has shown great persistence in sticking with training even though she’s had a few injury set backs along the way. Sharyn wins movie tickets for her excellent efforts and is also in the running to win the $300 day spa package from Endota Day Spa Forest Hill.

What impact has personal training had on your life and why aren’t you at a gym when it would be a cheaper option?

The impact that personal training has had on my life is one of great satisfaction. Not only does it address many of my personal issues, such as depression and menopause but it has given me the strength and endurance to keep up with my busy life’s schedule. I look forward to my twice a week training, and the rewards for my efforts are certainly paying off.

I have tried gyms in the past, it is fantastic for the first 2 weeks then the enthusiasm diminishes and so does the attendance. I found that I forgot the exercises or did them incorrectly, or probably more to the truth, I just didn’t try that hard. The expense of having a personal trainer is nothing when you see results and reward for effort very quickly, compared to a gym where it may take a lot more hours and certainly a lot more self motivation.

You attend twice weekly training sessions; do you think that is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for? What else do you do outside the studio to keep fit?

Attending training sessions twice a week, has definitely been the best decision. It’s like anything, you only get out of it what you put into it. So, for me training twice a week means I achieve my results quicker and my body and muscles are always moving. I also attend Yoga classes once a week, and walk the dogs every other day. So, once your body is on the “exercise treadmill” there is no stopping you. You just want to keep improving and seeing body change and health and strength development.

Why is it important for you to be strong and fit and what do you feel you’ve achieved from training with Forever Strong Fitness?

I have a home business, a family and an active social life, all this requires me to be fit, strong and healthy. Can’t afford to be sluggish or lack energy - too much to do! Since training at Forever Strong, I have noticed a body shape change, and defined definition in arms and shoulders. In the past 6 months I have been dealing with a knee injury (patella maltraking)which required regular physio and taping of the knee. I could of stopped the PT and just rested it, but I didn’t, I kept going. The recovery has been quicker than I expected and my knee is back to normal.

Has committing to personal training been easy for you? What have you found challenging about training?

Look to be honest, on a rainy cold morning, there is nothing better than to stay curled up in bed for another hour. Getting up and going to meet up with Dan at the gym has become a way of the morning, don’t even think about it anymore - just love it. Yes, it is expensive and I guess I could spend that $39 on other things, but am I going to get the same reward for my effort….. NO. So, this is my way of being kind to myself, looking after me in both a mental and physical way. It’s great for my whole wellbeing. The challenge is to keep it going and to not lose sight of the benefits that personal training has. At Forever Strong, it’s a family of like minded people with like minded missions.

How closely do you keep an eye on your nutrition? You’ve got a family to feed so what tricks do you use to prepare healthy meals?

Having a family, husband John who is Coealic and two teenage boys William 18 and Andrew 16, there is always a demand for food. We eat healthily and of course a lot of Gluten Free main meals. When I cook, I make two that way we always have an extra for another day. Being busy with clients doesn’t always allow me to spend hours in the kitchen, so slow cookers are great and of course, fish is easy and fast. We eat a lot of salads, stir fry vegetables, and pasta is a big favourite. Water with every meal and desert is generally a fruit platter. Breakfast is important in our house, nuts, fruit and yoghurt on cereal or on porridge goes down a real treat.

What are your future training aspirations?

My future aspirations…. keep up with the twice a week program, keep working so I can afford it and move into a higher cardio program with more boxing. I’d love to be able to run with rhythm, make it look effortless instead of puffing and panting.

And one last thing… (something you’ve learned about personal training, physical fitness, yourself, a myth you’d like to debunk perhaps?)

What I have learnt about myself since starting personal training, is that I really can achieve a goal that I set. The thing for me was not to be swayed by what the scales say…. as muscle weighs more than fat. So, I may weigh more, but look better in clothes - that is the real test, your shape changes, your body looks toned, and you feel fabulous - ignore the scales go by your look and feel in clothes. Do it for You - you owe it to yourself to be strong, healthy and mentally happy - work those endorphins. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Meeghan for her business foresight and determination to grow and develop Forever Strong. And to Dan for being a real fun person, I so look forward to our chats and stimulating conversation, never a moment of silence. Mind you he works my butt off each session, and I am pleased that he is my trainer - we’re great mates.