June 2011

It’s been an interesting journey for Manny who started training with Forever Strong back in June 2008, and would be the first to admit he’s had some ups and downs along the way. Manny’s most impressive training traits are his resilience and his positive attitude and these qualities were tested late last year when he developed an inner ear infection which kept him bed ridden for 3 weeks. It was a long and slow process to recovery, lingering vertigo made balance difficult but by March 2011 he was feeling a lot better and did the 1000 steps with the Forever Strong Team and in April participated in the Run for the Kids. Manny is now in the running to win the 2011 client of the year main prize draw which is a $300 massage and acupuncture prize from Mountaintop Chinese Medicine, or the consolation prize of movie tickets to enjoy during the Christmas holiday season. Apart from the Richmond guernsey he often wears to training, Manny is to be congratulated on his efforts to come back from serious illness in such a short time. And, his push ups which were once rubbish are now fantastic!

How did you find Forever Strong?

I went for a walk one night and came across the studio; I grabbed a brochure contacted Meeghan and the rest is history. I’ve been training with Forever Strong since June 2008.

Has it all been smooth sailing?

It was a bit hard at first trying to manage my time to do extra sessions outside training at the studio, due to work and family commitments. I’ve finally got on top of it now! I do two sessions per week with Meeghan on Wednesday mornings and with Vic on Thursday nights and run 2-3 times a week. In the warmer months I go kayaking.

What’s the best part about training at Forever Strong?

The best part of Forever Strong is the friendly atmosphere and the positive encouragement and advice (especially with regard to taking up running again) from both Meeghan and Vic. Really enjoy the one on one training, but not too keen on being sore for a day or two after each session.

Tell us about your set back last year?

In November 2010 I suffered from an inner ear infection which had me bed ridden for about three weeks. After I was up and about I had to deal with vertigo until Christmas which was very frustrating. With regard to training I basically had to start again as I was still unsteady on my feet until mid February. Meeghan showed a lot of patience with me and we finally got there. In March that year I was able to complete the 1000 steps, and have improved steadily since.

What gets in the way of good health?

I enjoy a beer every now and then (but have cut back) and snacking in the evening. I need to maintain the discipline with regard to what and when I eat as well as managing my time better.

How’s your training going for Run Melbourne?

I’ve had some calf soreness which slowed me down a bit, but hopefully now I will be able to pick up the training a little. With regard to the “Run for the Kids” I really enjoyed the challenge of training and the actual day of the run was great fun. I’m planning on doing another fun run in October.

And one last thing… (anything else you’d like to add?)

As I have told Meeghan a few times it is amazing how lousy I feel when I miss training even for just a week. Hopefully now the advice and support I have been provided by Meeghan and her staff will enable me to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.