June 2012

While most of us are curled up in bed catching up on some zzzzz’s, these two friends are enthusiastically raising a sweat, increasing their awesome strength and fitness, whingeing a little and still managing to entertain their trainers. Janine and Belinda win movie tickets for their inspiring early morning efforts and are also in the running to win the $300 day spa package from Endota Day Spa Forest Hill. Let’s hear from them in their own words…

When did you first start training at Forever Strong and what made you take the first step?

We have been training for a year so far. We wanted to do some sort of training together so that we were motivated to go. We knew if we joined a gym we would not have the motivation to keep it up so we decided to find a PT to train us. Through word of mouth we came along Forever Strong Fitness.

Does training together help keep you motivated and is it a good way to socialise together ‘cause we notice you like to talk…a lot?

Yes, it definitely keeps us motivated and yes we love training together!!! We are both really busy and find it hard to catch up so PT and socializing works great for us.

Apart from training at the studio what do you both do outside the studio that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle? What gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle? Kids? Night shift? Travel?

We are both very busy with work, so this does get in the way. Belinda does travel a lot. I try and eat healthily and I know Belinda does also. We don’t really do any other exercise other than PT.

What do you feel you’ve achieved from personal training and what keeps you coming back, apart from our good looks?

I have personally seen a difference in my endurance and fitness. I really feel like you guys work us hard, which I would never achieve on my own. I have noticed my muscle tone improving and slight changes to my body shape. And of course your good looks. LOL.

What are your future training aspirations?

To continue to see my fitness and endurance improve, to lose weight and build muscle tone.

And one last thing… (something you’ve learned about personal training, physical fitness, yourself, a myth you’d like to debunk perhaps?)

You don’t have to do it every day. Just by going twice a week I have noticed a significant change in myself. And it’s great fun!!!