Looking back over the last year, I can see significant change

Fiona’s journey has been one of persistence and to see her achieve such fabulous results is all due to the hard work she puts in consistently each week! Keeping strong and fit has now become a normal part of life for Fiona, even the 6am training starts three times a week! Fiona wins movie tickets and is now in the running to win client of the year, a $300 fresh and delicious organic food voucher generously donated by Scott and Sarah from Organic Angels. I’ve been a weekly recipient of their mixed fruit and vegetables for a long time now and I’m a big fan.

Read about Fiona’s experience below.

I have been a plus size ‘girl’ for the majority of my adult life and have been in a continual cycle of diet, gain, diet, gain… I was introduced to Meeghan back when Forever Strong was located in Andrew St. My objective then was to lose weight for a trip to the UK, a short term goal, which I achieved, but once the trip was completed, I soon turned back into ‘gain’ mode. Last October Meeghan offered a short course with the aim of setting realistic weight loss goals which could be achieved in a 6-8 week period. Meeghan provided both the tools and the support environment to enable us to re-evaluate choices, incorporating diet, exercise, and more importantly for me, the setting of short AND long-term goals. After completing the course, I now participate in several early morning group sessions…I might hate the alarm, but the excuses I had for not exercising at the end of the day are not there in the early morning!

Looking back over the last year, I can see significant change; we are more active as a family; the bikes are all fixed and we ride regularly (although no investment yet in lycra); the dog is fitter from all the walking; and my son has even recently taken on Dan with some one on one boxing lessons! The ‘selfie’ attached shows my youngest and I at the top of the Port Fairy sand-dunes. I have always forced the kids up to the top, with me standing at the bottom, yelling ‘encouragement’ to get up there and them yelling back that I should do it, well, this time I did!

I have learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks….even when I am cursing at either Meeghan or Dan ‘that my body was not made to do this’, secretly I am chuffed that I can! Who knows maybe I will even come to like burpees???