March 2011

When did you join Forever Strong and what was your motive?

I came along with a friend about two years ago. The motive was straightforward - after a diet of two king size lamingtons a day, not to mention my cherry ripe phase, I’d become a blimp with all the psychological weight that goes with that.

In addition to personal training, what else do you do and how do you stay motivated?

I run 4-5 days a week (a half hour) and go to gym 1-2 times a week. I’m motivated by the physical results I see in the mirror but more importantly by the sense of control I feel, the knowledge that I’m doing something extremely important for myself.

What’s the best part about training at Forever Strong and the not so nice bits?

Meeghan is the best part - her knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement keep me going. The not so nice bits involve the physical effort! I’ve never considered myself a sporty person but the feeling afterward is great.

What do you all feel are the main benefits of regular exercise for you?

Physical fitness gives me the stamina required to keep up with my four year old son, it also elevates my mood.

Do you have any vices, something that gets in the way of maintaining good health?

Chocolate, preferably dark. And it’s not so much a vice but giving myself permission to take the time to do the exercise when there’s always so much else to do.

If you could encourage someone to get up off the couch what would you tell them?

That you will feel better about yourself, not just the self you see in the mirror but the self you wake up with in the morning and take through the day. Exercise builds self-confidence and belief.

And one last thing… (anything else you’d like to add?)

Forever Strong is a supportive, knowledgeable and safe place to go from couch potato (or lamington) to physical and mental fitness. I’m extremely grateful.