May 2011

With the recent loss of 10kg under her belt and the promise of more to come, Nancy is a living poster girl for ‘it’s never too late to lose weight’. Nancy is well deserving of the May award of client of the month for a number of reasons; she does personal training once a week and always arrives early, is a regular at her local gym and participates in Forever Strong’s Heart Foundation walking group. Retirement hasn’t slowed Nancy down; she also volunteers at a Melbourne primary school, participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, teaching children how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food and has a busy social life. I think Nancy may even deserve this award for putting up with me for all these years! Nancy is now in the running to win the 2011 client of the year main prize draw which is a $300 massage and acupuncture prize from Mountaintop Chinese Medicine or the consolation prize of movie tickets to enjoy during the Christmas holiday season.

Why did you decide to try personal training?

I chose to do personal training because I was impressed with Meeghan’s knowledge and approach to excercise and diet. I felt I needed a little push.

You’ve lost more than 10 kgs, what training you do each week and how do you stay motivated?

Each week I do a personal training session which has been designed to suit my physical condition and age. I also belong to a gym and attend 2-3 times per week. I stay motivated because of the encouragement I receive from Meeghan and my family.

How has your life changed since you lost this weight?

Since I have lost weight I feel very much fitter and my doctor is very pleased that my blood pressure has improved. It’s also nice to buy new fashionable clothes.

What do you all feel are the main benefits of consistent exercise and a good diet for you?

Constant excercise and improved diet has helped me feel healthier and I have been receiving compliments on how well I look.

What are your main vices and what gets in the way of maintaining good health?

My main vice has always been overeating but with encouragement I have finally been able to control this.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to keep exercising and to lose another 10 kilos so that I can look and feel even better.

And one last thing… if you could share your weight loss secrets with our Forever Strong clients what would be your tips?

I dont have any diet secrets, I have always eaten healthy foods ( just too much). I have reduced the size of the serves and don’t eat anything between meals and find that this works for me.