May 2012

Our latest award winning client is Dayle Watson who initially struggled with the most basic of squats and lunges due to a lack of strength and mobility around the joints, but is now able to do walking lunges and barbell squats with confidence. And these days she gives anything a go, much to the delight of her trainers. Dayle wins movie tickets for her fantastic efforts and is also in the running to win a $300 day spa package from Endota Day Spa Forest Hill.

What attracted you to personal training?

Personal training works best for me – I used to have a personal trainer who would come to my house, which worked well but was a more expensive option. Having a trainer makes me more accountable and they push me harder than I would on my own, plus each session is different so I don’t get bored with it. I was also looking for something local, where I could add a walk to and from my sessions, to add a little bit extra to the workout.

You attend twice weekly training sessions; do you think that is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for? What else do you do outside the studio to keep fit?

I think two sessions a week is about right for me – my aim is to lose a bit of weight and to get fitter, both of which are heading in the right direction. I try to get on my stationary bike at home, but the cold weather makes it more difficult. I also have a gym membership, and I’ve been to a few classes but I hurt my foot during one, so now I’m trying to find a good replacement – something with less impact.

Why is it important for you to keep fit? What do you feel you’ve achieved from training with Forever Strong Fitness?

It is really important to keep fit, particularly as I get older – the adage “use it or lose it” becomes critical. I am certainly a lot stronger since I started with Forever Strong, walk to the studio faster and puffing less up the hill, and I’ve also lost a little weight. I also think I’m less negative and give things a go more. Outside of training sessions, I have more energy in general, and a more positive outlook.

Have you always been a sporty person and found exercise easy or has some components been challenging for you?

I don’t consider myself a particularly sporty person – I played tennis through to my mid-20s and did some swimming as a child. I think my talents lie in other areas, but I’ve always enjoyed walking/hiking, particularly somewhere scenic with my camera. I find body weight exercises and the cross trainer the most challenging at Forever Strong – I have a lot of “favourite” exercises, but they would be my particular “favourites”!

How closely do you keep an eye on your nutrition? I believe your recent thermomix purchase has helped in preparing healthy meals?

I keep a pretty keen eye on nutrition and usually keep to the plan I set each week. I LOVE my Thermomix and don’t know how I survived without it! Thermie has made a great difference – everything is so much easier to make – the ultimate one pan appliance! Thermie’s getting a huge workout over winter with lots of different soups and casseroles. I start each day with a blended juice (baby spinach, grape & ginger is this week’s) or smoothie made by Thermie, and it’s also fabulous for chopped salads (5 seconds) and making bread dough (usually under 30 seconds to the first rise stage and mixed perfectly). The best part is knowing exactly what’s going into each meal – no fillers or preservatives and absolute control of all the ingredients. My brother visited recently and was really impressed by the home-made curry powder, feta basil & sundried tomato pull apart loaf and chow mien (using the curry powder) that Thermie whipped up (with some help from me).

What are your future training aspirations?

Keep on keeping on, improving in strength and aerobic ability on that darned cross trainer.

And one last thing… (something you’ve learned about personal training, physical fitness, yourself, a myth you’d like to debunk perhaps?)

Perhaps that I can do more than I think I can, so hopefully “no I can’t” will be a thing of the past – and not just in the training environment.