My heart fitness is the best it’s been in 5 years!

Forever Strong Fitness would like to congratulate Carolynne Kapsa on being our client of the month. While there are always many clients to choose from, we can only pick one and Carolynne’s ability to overcome a life threatening heart condition and her dedication to twice weekly training are proof you can’t keep a good woman down. Congratulations Carolynne, you are very deserving of this award.

What inspired you to start personal training at Forever Strong and what health obstacles have you had to have you had to overcome?

I have always been involved with some form of sport- either as an individual or in team events. Five years ago I was diagnosed with a heart disease and my world turned upside down. For the last four years I have been in and out of cardiac rehabilitation programs, not to mention the hospital visits along the way. When you are told the only form of exercise you can do is walking, you are thankful for that, but I could no longer run, swim, ride a bike or bush walk. Twelve months ago, I asked my team of specialists if I could do some other form of exercise- not that there is anything wrong with walking but I needed something else! Personal training came up in conversation and there was a long list of instructions and my job was to find somewhere I was comfortable, and to know that the people would be aware and understand my needs. It’s not easy to discuss your health issues with strangers, but thanks to Meeghan and Daniel they made me feel comfortable and confident, and they were in touch with my team.

What so far has been the most rewarding part of personal training?

The most rewarding achievement so far is being able to go into the studio each week and improve on my level of fitness. It might be the next dumbbells in weight, it could be increasing my level and length of time on the cross trainer/rower- not to forget my coordination has improved along the way too! It is the little things that I was told five years ago I would never be able to do again. Walking out after your session has finished, sweaty and satisfied you have done the right thing for your body and mind.

Describe a typical training week for you? How many PT sessions do you do and what other training do you do outside of the studio?

Monday I have a training session with Daniel and Wednesday I have a training session with Soc. I enjoy being challenged in each session and the comments along the way keep you motivated and more determined to succeed. On the other days I walk for an hour or alternate with a stationary bike. This will soon be changing to my road bike if all keeps going well. Plus being a kindergarten teacher, you are always on your toes with the children each day.

How closely do you keep an eye on your nutrition? Is food an important part of health to you?

My diet has changed a lot since I was diagnosed. There are restrictions and it has become a lifestyle change, I also need to take medication and be aware of what foods I can’t have as they could have an impact on my health. Nutrition is what I have had to review recently, and through discussion with Meeghan and my dietician I am hopefully back on track to a healthier me!

What are you now focusing on now? What are your future goals?

My focus for the next six months includes-

  1. keeping and maintaining a food and exercise journal, in order to lose 10 kg by Christmas
  2. walk the 1000 steps by my birthday in December with a friend
  3. to beat Daniel in the footy tips and to celebrate Collingwood not reaching the finals (ed - Carolynne!!)

And one last thing…

Life does throw some punches your way, and you will have some bad days, BUT prove to yourself and those around you that you can do it. You need to believe in yourself, stay strong and have a laugh along the way. I also just wanted to share some fantastic news with everyone at Forever Strong - I had an ultrasound in early April and my heart fitness is sitting at 65%. The best it has been in 5 years!!!!! So thank you to every one for supporting and encouraging me to keep going.