My initial goal was to increase my fitness level and have an extra spring in my step.

Tess has a very healthy attitude to strength and fitness training - it’s a lifelong pursuit for her and it’s all about balance and her enthusiasm is such that she has now introduced her 14 year old daughter to PT! We are really inspired by the training efforts Tess puts in week in week out and as such she is a very worthy winner.

As client of the month Tess wins movie tickets and is now in the running to win client of the year, a $300 fresh and delicious organic food voucher generously donated by Scott and Sarah from Organic Angels. I’ve been a weekly recipient of their mixed fruit and vegetables for a long time now and I’m a big fan.

Read more about Tess and her PT experience below.

Why did you choose personal training at Forever Strong and what was your initial goal? How is Kalliepi enjoying training with you now?

I chose personal training at Forever Strong because of the wonderful and positive feedback I received from existing clients. Word of mouth, the best and most flattering advertising, I believe. My initial goal was to increase my fitness level and have an extra spring in my step. Kalliepi (my daughter) is enjoying training at the moment and has made a commitment to me that she will keep up the good work without whinging.. Now that’s an achievement..!!! My most outstanding milestone would be the increase and maintenance of my fitness level, and in the process losing a little weight, which has contributed to my positive outlook on life, no matter what hardship and challenges I have encountered.

What milestones are you most proud of achieving so far?

Another milestone would be convincing my 14 year old daughter to join me in training sessions and in the process showing her that dedication and commitment are a must in achieving goals. Personal training works for me because of the professionalism, dedication and positivity of the Forever Strong team.

Why does personal training work for you? And do you do any extra training outside of the studio that helps you stay motivated?

I do participate in extra training outside the studio throughout the week. These activities include cycling, regular walking/running and swimming. I also believe that mental relaxation is of utmost importance so I try to meditate throughout the week so as to maintain motivation and positivity.

How important is nutrition in your everyday life?

Nutrition is very important and plays an essential role in one’s overall health. I try and eat nutritious meals throughout the week, however I do indulge in some not so healthy food now and then, after all I am human you know.

What are your future training and life aspirations?

My future training and life aspirations would be to maintain/increase my fitness level, keep up my meditation commitment and evolve positively as life goes on… and of course to be a good role model for my daughter who also trains with me. You’re never too old to train and participate in a fitness regime. Regular exercise keeps the body in good shape and most importantly the mind in a positive and optimistic state.