Push yourself but do not break yourself

Forever Strong Fitness would like to congratulate Catherine Martin on achieving client of the month at our studio. A pleasure to train, Catherine has been nominated because she gives her very best at training, always arrives on time with a smile on her face and has stuck with PT for almost a year. Catherine wins movie tickets from Forever Strong Fitness.

Why did you choose personal training at Forever Strong and what was your initial goal?

I drive past the studio each day and decided mid last year I wanted to get moving so I thought I would give Forever Strong a go and have been happy with this decision.

My initial goal was to tone up and train each week.

What milestones are you most proud of achieving so far?

I am just proud that I have committed and continued with my weekly sessions. I have not given up! And on a superficial level I like seeing the definition that has started to appear in my arms.

Why does personal training work for you? And do you do any extra training outside of the studio that helps you stay motivated?

PT works for me as it is a set time each week where I have someone waiting for me to work out with. It is a commitment/appointment that I need to keep each week. I like the structure. I also play a weekly game of netball, and have noticed that my fitness level has increased and walk throughout the week.

How important is nutrition in your everyday life?

This is an area that I still could improve, but since starting training I have taken more in an interest if what I eat and put into my body.

What are your future training and life aspirations?

Maybe one day to take part in a fun run, but as I have said before as I get older I just want to keep moving and motivated to stay healthy.