September 2011

Running a business with 14 staff and working 6 days a week could be a very good excuse not to exercise but Thomas has prioritised his exercise regime and now has some excellent results to his name. Twice weekly training at Forever Strong and walking outside of his studio time has seen Thomas lose 9kg and he is now in the running to win the 2011 Forever Strong client of the year main draw prize which is a $300 massage and acupuncture voucher from Mountaintop Chinese Medicine in Andrew Street. Thomas is an exceptionally consistent trainer, rarely missing a session and he always gives 100% effort to any exercise he is asked to do. Congratulations Thomas on your excellent results in 2011.

You’re a busy man running your own business, is that why personal training works for you?

Yes, I work long hours most of the time 6 days a week so having an early set appointment is really important to ensure that the rest of my life can run smoothly.

Why is physical fitness of importance in your life?

I have been a real estate agent for 22 years now and have owned my own business for the past 8 years, currently working with a team of 14 staff so I need to keep my energy levels up and its also amazing stress relief!

What results have you achieved from personal training and twice weekly strength and fitness sessions?

Loss of 9kg in the past 12 months and also gained a lot of energy.

Do you do any other exercise outside of the time you spend at the studio?

Just lots of walking and play with my kids.

What have you learned about yourself since getting in shape physically?

Yes, portion control, still eating everything that I love, however reducing the size of meals.

And one last thing…

My advice is work hard now, rewards later!