Since starting personal training I have lost 38kg

While there are always many clients to choose from, we can only pick one and Sarah’s dedication to 3 x weekly training, her obvious improvements in fitness and strength and her downright determination to get back up on the surfboard and running with her dog, Sooty is very inspiring. Congratulations Sarah, you are a very worthy winner. Sarah wins movie tickets and is now in the running to win client of the year, a $300 fresh and delicious organic food voucher generously donated by Scott and Sarah from Organic Angels. I’ve been a weekly recipient of their mixed fruit and vegetable box for a long time now and I’m a big fan. Now, let’s hear from Sarah in her own words.

Tell us about your health and fitness journey? How did it all begin and why?

I love the beach, water and all the activities that go with it! As a child I was a keen swimmer, and loved surfing. Throughout my childhood we holidayed on the Gold Coast at a place called Currumbin, the place we stayed was right across the road from the beach, allowing me to do the things that I loved. As the kilos piled on I avoided the beach, I avoided those things that I loved. It took a holiday to Currumbin in 2011 to realise how unfit and how far I had let myself go. I was so unfit that I couldn’t even get myself out past the breaking waves anymore. I remember feeling miserable and helpless but made the decision that I couldn’t go on like this anymore. Because I was so overwhelmed by the journey ahead of me I decided that personal training was right for me as I felt that I needed someone to help push me as I was never going to get there on my own.

You attend three weekly training sessions; do you think that is necessary to achieve the results you are looking for?

I do have such a long journey ahead to meet my fitness and weight loss goals, I think that three sessions a week is what I need to do that at this stage. Although I am starting to feel that I can do things on my own I feel that the support and the variety I get from the trainers very helpful, and I could never work myself as hard as my trainers can!

And your husband is now joining you? Do you enjoy the camaraderie of training together?

Having Ken come to training is great! Not only is it a fantastic support for me it also makes me push extra hard, I can be pretty competitive, having him there brings that out and makes training extra fun!

Tell me about what you feel you’ve achieved from training with us at Forever Strong Fitness? How has life changed for you now that you’re fitter and stronger?

Since starting training I have lost 38kg. More importantly I feel like a different person, I am happier, fitter, stronger, more confident, and I am more determined than ever! Instead of watching life pass me by like I used to, I am getting out and living and enjoying life. Ken and I travelled to Japan over Christmas and while we were there I realised just how far I had come. 12 months prior I would never have been able to enjoy it as much as I did. We were on the go from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed, there was lots walking and there were stairs and lots of them, I took it all on, and saw it all. The old me would have been content to stay at the bottom and not even try, or just stop when I thought that I couldn’t do something. Now I can’t wait to plan our next adventure in life!

Can you think back to when you first began training and was it hard for you? How does it feel now in comparison?

Absolutely training was hard!! When I first started not only was I unfit, I was unable to string two exercises together without a break, I remember the feeling of lethargy and pain associated with exercise and thinking to myself this is too hard, I did came close to giving up at times, but with the support of the trainers here and Ken, I have stuck with it, and I am so glad that I have, granted training is still hard, but hard in a different way, I can now go for a whole session and at the end feel energised and happy.

How closely do you keep an eye on your nutrition?

I have come a long way in terms of watching what I eat. When I first came to Forever Strong I didn’t count calories or even eat the right foods, eating convenience food/take away at least once a week. I quickly came to realise that nutrition and exercise go together and without proper nutrition and diet I could never reach my goals. Today I eat mainly fresh whole foods, and am conscious of what I put in my mouth and even the thought of takeaway that I used to think tasted so good makes me feel sick. Who knew healthy food could taste so good!

What would you like to be different in your current situation, ie what are your future goals?

I still have a lot of weight to lose so for now I have broken it up into smaller chunks to stay motivated like to lose 10kg before my brother’s wedding. But I am still mindful of my ultimate goals which are to reach my goal weight of 69kg, to get back into surfing, and to be able to go on runs with my dog Sooty.

And one last thing…

“I can’t do it” is only in the mind; once you convince your mind that you “can do it” anything is possible!