“I have been using Meeghan Bell at Forever Strong fitness for over 2 years for my personal training. She is great at working out the best training program suited to your fitness level, then encouraging you to give that extra effort to make you stronger and fitter. Recently I have been training to run in half-marathons and she has tailored my personal training program around this, focusing on more cardio workouts and core stability. I would recommend Forever Strong to anyone of any age wanting to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.”


“I train twice a week at Forever Strong and have been going for around 8 months now. Before I joined I did my homework and went to several studios/gyms in the area and these guys are by far the best in terms of value, studio set up and experience. The studio is unpretentious and there is a mix of male and female trainers who are fully qualified and know their stuff. They assess your goals when you start and tailor each session, checking your results on a regular basis. They are open evenings and Saturdays which is great for me as I work in the city and are accommodating when you need to be flexible.”


“Very experienced trainers who make the difference between enjoying the session and not. They know what you are capable of and a little bit more but don’t expect the unattainable. The best way for me to be motivated to achieve some level of fitness, because I am hopeless if left to my own devices…..”


“I have been a client of Forever Strong for almost 5 years. I now have a level of fitness I never thought I could achieve. The trainers are very motivating and tailor the programs to suit the individual.”


“I started with Forever Strong Fitness just over a year ago and have been exceptionally pleased with the results I have achieved. Unlike other fitness pursuits I have undertaken e.g. gyms at Forever Strong Fitness you have a trainer solely focused on helping you get stronger, fitter and believing anything is possible.”


“I’ve become a huge fan of Forever Strong. Tailored exercise program has enabled me to become fitter in less time than expected. All the team are genuinely interested in the clients, so for once I have stuck to my goals and maintained my regime. And it’s the first time I’ve found a venue that has a flexibility to fit in with my busy lifestyle, and at a reasonable price.

All the staff are happy, professional and well qualified.”


“In just 8 months, Forever Strong Fitness helped me to attain a fitness level I could not achieve on my own. I am 44 years old and training has resulted in significant weight loss, an overall change in my body shape, and a new fitness level.

The trainers at Forever Strong Fitness are professionals who possess excellent people-skills. The genuine rapport I have with my trainer has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and attempt new physical challenges, whilst having fun and a few laughs along the way.

To get the best out of yourself, you must surround yourself with inspirational people. Look no further, you have just found the right place.”


“Love it!! My husband, teenage son and I have been working out with Meeghan and co. at Forever Strong for over 3 years. I always come away from a session feeling invigorated, inspired and with a smile on my dial. Meeghan encourages me to turn up no matter how I am feeling. She is empathetic and knows that some days I will work hard and others I need to take it easy. She manages to get the best out of me AND a bit more. I love feeling strong and fit!!”


“Joining Forever Strong Fitness was my 2010 new year resolution. Even though I have only been training a short time, I am thrilled with the progress I have made. Hayley and the team are so attentive, supportive and encouraging. I have more energy, and my days are more productive. Forever Strong… I am forever grateful”.


“As a result of my twice-weekly personal training with Meeghan, I have experienced an improvement in personal health and wellbeing, and in my posture. I walk, sit, and stand like someone 10 years younger! I have maintained my weight loss of 37+ kilograms, can buy Elle McPherson undies, wear Calvin Klein jeans, and no longer experience asthma attacks!
Overall, money and time well spent.”


“We look forward to every session. We tease Meeghan, she smiles sweetly, and makes us pay for it in sweat! We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Maddie, Paul and Tracey

“As a working mother of four, I came to Meeghan for motivation to continue training. She never allows me to give up!”


“The highlight of my week is my two PT sessions with Meeghan. The exercise is always varied, extremely well supervised and geared to the age and fitness levels of the client, whilst still ensuring a challenging fun workout. I find Meeghan takes a strong personal interest in her clients’ health and wellbeing and Forever Strong has an excellent emphasis on the individual’s health goals and achievements, something that is missing in the big gyms. Plus she organises fun challenges and has a great XMAS party. I highly recommend Meeghan and Forever Strong to anyone who is keen to build their fitness levels in a professional and caring environment.”


“My husband and I have a weekly personal training session with Meeghan. I also go to the weekly boxing and circuit classes with Victor. We have both increased our core strength and muscle tone considerably – people frequently tell us how well we look. We believe the small group environment has helped us to stay motivated as we enjoy the sessions, which are frequently updated to suit our needs. We see personal training as a great investment in our health and general wellbeing.”


“Meeghan is a great motivator and works to suit each individual level. I have highly recommended her to my friends.”


“Meeghan gives me the motivation to stick with ‘it ‘- that’s always the hardest part of any training regime…”


“Running my own accounting business means long hours and too often little time to devote to the most important job – keeping fit. Joining a gym didn’t work because it was too easy to put off to another day. But having regular, permanent bookings with Meeghan has enforced time for looking after myself.”


“At 68 I have more energy and stamina for life. Before embarking on personal training I trained successfully alone, but I found group classes intimidating. With Meeghan’s professional training and monitoring my individual fitness and wellbeing each week has seen my fitness heighten. As the body strengthens, challenges are achievable. I am now off to New Zealand trekking!”


“I am 52 years young and decided to join a gym four years ago. Meeghan has helped me tremendously in the battle against menopause, weight loss, Rheumatoid Arthritis, mental sluggishness, laziness and inconsistency. Her programs are full of variety and are excellent for improving cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. Going to the gym is now an essential part of my life as it gives energy for my work, family, minding grandchildren and home keeping.”


“The studio has got really good equipment for all ages and abilities. I have noticed a marked improvement in my all round strength and general well being.. The place has a good social feel and I always look forward to going. Well organised and managed centre with very good trainers. We have both shown very good levels of improvement that is making a significant contribution to our wellbeing.”