We enjoy exercising together and we’re much fitter

We have four young adult children. Mark is an engineer and Ellen works with children with severe medical conditions. Initially we just wanted to get fit and lose a bit of weight. We like doing the group sessions because of the encouragement we get from each other and it’s fun. And we try harder because we’re with others.

In the beginning we couldn’t do a push up or a burpee but now we can do a whole lot. Ellen does more than Mark. Ha Ha. It’s great to see improvement every week. We are much fitter and we notice it in everyday activities – and also when traveling. On a recent trip to Europe, Ellen’s first trip overseas, we felt fit, healthy and strong enough to do lots of walking, climbing and even skiing. Relatives were astounded saying, “don’t you two ever stop?”

It’s not easy getting up before 6am and we never “want to”, but once we are at the studio and have warmed up a bit –we love it and we go home feeling great and ready for work.

At first we didn’t lose any weight but we were getting fitter and toned and then we realised we had to also think about what we were eating. We started a structured balanced eating plan that we knew we could keep up because we didn’t miss out on any of the essential food groups like a glass of wine or a piece of cheese cake. We found we enjoyed eating good food and started losing weight. Eating everything but with less amounts works for us. With the exercise, strength, cardio and stretching we notice our metabolism has increased and we can lose weight easier, and keep it off.

We’ve had a difficult 2 years with a long court battle which was recently settled. We represented ourselves and exercising 2 mornings a week really helped decrease our stress levels.

Our goals this year is for Ellen to lose the final 5kg of extra weight, a total of 18 kg, and tone her arms and knees some more and Mark would like to increase his jogging capacity and do more pushups than Ellen.

One thing we have learned about ourselves is that we enjoy exercising together with someone there to lead and push us to do our best and improve each week.

Meeghan and Dan are excellent trainers, calm, knowledgeable, friendly and gently tough.

“Work it, Shmirk it!” “Great Job everyone! you’ve worked hard, we’ll just cool down now – with 8 sets of planks, abdominal exercises and some stretching.” “Only 30sec on each exercise and we’ll do that 8 times.” “Choose your favourite cardio - burpees or frog jumps” “If you want to make it harder…, try no arms” “Ok you didn’t collapse, shall we go up in weight for the next set?”

Thanks very much for helping us move towards achieving our fitness and health goals, you live up to your name “Forever Strong.”

Ellen and Mark