You are never too old or too young to start training

We see some impressive training in the studio but this trio of mum, Irene and daughters, Chrissy and Eleni stand out because of their consistency, long term dedication to keeping fit and healthy and their positive and enthusiastic attitudes. The girls win movie tickets and are now in the running to win clients of the year, a $300 fresh and delicious organic food voucher generously donated by Scott and Sarah from Organic Angels. I’ve been a weekly recipient of their mixed fruit and vegetable box for a long time now and I’m a big fan.

PT has become a twice weekly event for the three of you, how did that come about?

We have always enjoyed being fit and healthy from playing tennis to walking, but we wanted to try something that challenged us more. Chrissy and I started personal training and it wasn’t long before mum joined too. We knew joining a big gym wasn’t for us, and enjoy the more personalised and tailored approach offered by a small personal training studio. It also gives us an opportunity for the 3 of us to catch up.

What are you most happy about achieving since you started training regularly?

Eleni and Chrissy- We have seen great changes to our level of cardiovascular fitness and have also increased our lean muscle mass. Irene - I am happy about all the health benefits such as getting my cholesterol and blood pressure down, improved posture, strength and weight loss.

What is most challenging about PT and why does PT work for you?

PT gives us that extra push to work harder and do better each session. We always say ‘If we’re not sore the next day, we haven’t worked hard enough’. It works because of the positive encouragement and motivation we get from our trainers.

Has nutrition played a bit part in your weight loss? Or does Eleni (a dietitian) sort this out for you?

Irene- Yes nutrition has played a large part in weight loss. It goes hand in hand with the training. Eleni has been great in offering advice, but we all know there is no magic bullet. Sensible eating and portion control, drinking plenty of water,reducing fats and sugars, all lead to weight loss.

Spring is nearing closer, what would you most like to focus on in coming months?

Irene- To shed some of the winter flab and become more toned, stronger and fitter for the coming warmer weather. Eleni- I need to work off all the croissants I ate in France…...and believe me there was a lot!

And one last thing…

Irene- What we have learnt is that you are never too old or too young to start training and getting fit. You feel fantastic, you look good (people do notice), you are full of energy and more positive about things. Also you are establishing good habits for the rest of your life. Eleni - Chrissy and I are really proud of what our mum has achieved through personal training- mum had always suffered from severe back pain and 5 years ago underwent spinal fusion surgery which needed 4 months recovery. You would never think it the way she keeps up with us week in week out. Go mum!